Eric Lalli and EFI Global have expertise in a broad range of technologies. We provide you with consultants that have the specific expertise required given the circumstances and technologies involved in your claim. Engineering disciplines includes Mechanical, Metallurgical & Materials, Structural, Electrical, Environment, Chemical and Fire Sciences.     

  1. Forensic Engineering & Failure Analysis
    ERL Forensics specializes in forensic engineering and failure analysis using a structured investigation approach and scientific methodology. We verify the root cause of the incident, contributing factors, responsible parties, remediation options and solutions to prevent re-occurrence.
  2. Major Complex Loss
    Our Major Loss practice is comprised of leading engineers and industry experts across diverse sectors who have experience handling devastating losses around the world. Our teams analyze the most challenging failures, provide detailed damage assessments and customized recovery solutions. We provide customized multidisciplinary project teams to handle the specific nature of the catastrophic loss experienced.
  3. Equipment Loss Consulting
    Engineers and consultants who specialize in damage assessment, causation, detailed valuation, reducing business interruption, cost effective repair and restoration options. Our experts distinguish failures due to sudden events, breakdown, or wear & tear, contamination, operator error, design defects or other causal factors.
    With over 25 years of experience with insurance industries, we provide services that address insurers’ needs for timely and reliable information to satisfy policyholders. ERL provides the technical certainty that enables claim expenses to be reduced, expedites the claim and provides evidence for a justified settlement.
  4. Litigation Support & Expert Witness
    ERL Forensics supports legal professionals by providing expert technical analysis and information that helps settle disputes in a timely manner, providing the certainly that our clients need. We have over 34 years experience working with both defense and plaintiff counsel on a wide variety of cases, including civil, criminal, and quasi-criminal litigation.
  5. Buildings & Structures
    Experienced professional engineers and construction managers who provide full service building condition evaluations. Specialties include building envelope evaluation, structural failures, HVAC, mechanical, electrical and elevating systems.
  6. Fire Investigation
    Fire investigation specialists identify the fire origin and cause, then forensics analysis is conducted to verify the root cause.

    Fire protection system engineers identify deficiencies or failures in fire prevention systems such as sprinkler pipe fractures, sprinkler head failures and other failure mechanisms.

    Contamination specialists inspect equipment to prescribe preservation and restoration methods that can quickly restore or repair equipment to reduce business interruption and claim costs.

  7. Safety Consulting & Risk Management
    Safety engineers and OHS professionals conduct detailed investigations to determine the root cause and contributing factors to an incident, and actions required to prevent recurrence.

    Safety consulting specialists can assess your operations and prescribe actions to prevent or mitigate risk of injury or equipment and process failure.

    Risk assessment services include site and systems audits to identify hazards or areas of potential failure and provide prioritized risk reduction measures to ensure business continuity and continued safe operations of business activities.

  8. Industry & Technology
    ERL Forensics have engineering and technical expertise in a broad range of industries and technologies. Over 34 years of experience has provided a deep case history and expertise in the following industries and technologies.

    Industry expertise includes:

    • Energy
    • Natural Resources
    • Heavy Industry
    • Building Construction
    • Transportation
    • Marine & Inland Marine
    • Medical Facilities
    • Hospitality & Entertainment